Terms & Conditions





Dancefit Studios Regulations


Annual Administration Fee : $10.00 per student/family.


The full price of the workshop for twice a week classes is $218 per person.

Once a week classes (Junior Jammers/Novice/Lyrical/Contemporary) is $112 per person and Adult Dance or Fitness classes are $99/$170

Should you wish to make part payments a $50 deposit is required by week two with regular payments thereafter as outlined below. 

Prompt payment discount is $198 (or $102) for those able to pay in full by the conclusion of Week Two.  Cut off Dates for 2019 are listed below;

Term One: 20th February

Term Two: 20th May

Term Three: 20th August

Term Four: 30th October


  1. Deposit of $50 must be paid by the end of week two of each term.

  2. Prox Access Cards must be paid for by week two.

  3. Payments must be regular & complete by the conclusion of the dancing term.

  4. Payments can be made by either cash/cheque or direct debit.

  5. Family connections consist of one or more term fees per household.

Please be aware that term fees do not alter in price when dancers fall sick or have other commitments.  This price is a set fee for the term and must be paid up to date by the final studio lesson in week nine.


Please do not drop your children off any earlier than 10 minutes prior to their class commencing to avoid distracting the current lesson.  

We are not a babysitting service.

  • All students must be in appropriate dance/gym/active wear in classes. This includes compulsory sneakers or sports shoes, girls must wear their hair up off their face and definitely NO JEANS or SKIRTS. NO SHOES = NO DANCING

  • A drink bottle is advised to bring to every class– students are not to help themselves to the glasses and mugs in the kitchen area.

  • All food must be consumed in the waiting room only not in the teaching area.

  • No chewing gum allowed.

  • DANCEFIT STUDIOS reserve the right to refuse entry to any person.

  • Improper behaviour and disruptions to the class will result in dismissal from class.

  • The studio is to be treated with respect. Rubbish is to be put in the bins provided.

  • Any students causing damage to property will be required to pay for repair or replacement.

  • Students with injuries or sickness should not attend class. We no longer encourage “Unwell observers” - keep children at home until they are well enough to dance again.

  • Students will not be asked to do any moves that may intentionally cause injury however students should warm up well prior to class.

  • No medication will be administrated by staff during lesson hours.

  • Refunds will not be given for non-attendance as this is a set term fee and we have waiting lists. Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis and may require a doctor’s certificate.

  • All student cell phones are to remain switched off and safely stored in the changing room shelves.

  • Prox Cards are the individuals responsibility - we are not responsible if these are accidentally misplaced or taken by another student.

  • Children are not to treat the waiting room as a playground and are not to distract the previous lesson (this includes games of ‘tag’).

  • All lessons are closed off and only the parents with children in the current class are allowed to view these in the teaching area.

  • Video cameras or similar devices are not permitted in class. Recording of choreography is not permitted. Copyright laws prohibit the use of video cameras to protect not only the choreographer but the attending class member as well.

  • All choreography in any form is owned by DANCEFIT STUDIOS and must only be used at our events unless permission has been granted.